We offer risk and strategic planning for corporate companies with regards to upcoming matters/projects in order to evaluate the risks present. Risks can be expected from both internal and external sources, and can be anything from safeguarding of intellectual property to safeguarding of staff members.

Risks can furthermore be logistics and locations of projects – we offer a solution in the form of a comprehensive risk and strategic management plan that can be implemented and followed for the duration of the matter/project.

Risk and Strategic Planning
Monitoring of critical and non-critical staffPreparation of cellular phones and sim cards with required number
Monitoring of visitors and relevant suppliersDebugging of identified offices and boardrooms
Monitoring of and reporting on static securityFrequency jamming during meetings
Visitor ScreeningDebugging of relevant employees vehicles and identifying visitor’s vehicles
Monitoring of access control to critical areas within the officeRouting of Cellular phones and Sim Cards
Reviewing of CCTV footage in control roomDebugging of external venues prior to meetings
Planning and scheduling of critical documentationCovert Operations
Critical Document Delivery and escorting 

Quality and Safety Consulting

Quality and safety have become key facets of business which need to be adhered to and followed, however the cost of accreditation with regards to ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18000 can be very costly for smaller firms. We offer a solution in terms of systems which will be in accordance with the standard that companies can implement and follow. The systems we provide will allow companies to gain accreditation should they feel it is viable.

Facilitation of Security Planning and Services Risk

With having backgrounds in close protection services, securing of companies, and event management we are aware of the complications of the security industry. We offer the facilitation and management of security, allowing our clients to carry on with their business while we handle the intricacies of the security. This solution also gives the client one port of call with regards to any problems that may occur.

Facilitation of Corporate Events Risk

Most smaller firms do not have the time or resources to spend on corporate entertainment; however we all know how important a business function is. We have a database of suppliers that we use for functions allowing us to organise functions for our clients. We facilitate and manage all aspects of the function from the venue right down to the corporate gifts required.

Full Defensive Plan

Level 1:

Static Security and Access Control Management
The first line of defence for any corporation is the static security and access control, if these are not managed effectively there are immediately holes in the defensive structures.

Level 2:

CCTV Systems and control room management
An important addition to the static security is a control room that also manages a CCTV system. This further increases your security and safety, and provides accurate records as well as details allowing you to prepare timeously in cases of attack/breeching or emergency.

Level 3:

Risk Management (Client Liaison Officers)
Risk management forms an important part of company safety and monitoring. Client liaison officers are put in place to monitor day to day activities, perform higher scale tasks, sweeps, to look at and assess any queries the control room may have, and to ensure that the control room is running smoothly as well as acting as a company representative to the client and the client’s needs/requests.

Level 4:

Defensive Escorts/ Body Guarding
When clients are dealing with critical information and sensitive deals, there may be malicious forces/competitors that will try to harm the client. Defensive escorts provide a barrier to these threats as they are trained in advanced driving skills, close combat, combat firearms, defensive plans, human behaviour, and situation assessment. This ensures that the client always has protection and will be safeguarded at all times.

Level 5:

Control Centre
We aim to completely safeguard a company and make sure that all situations are managed effectively and safely. A control centre is the information hub that provides critical information as well as maintains the smooth running of levels 1-4. From information gathering to background checks, the control centre is tailored to the client’s needs and provides peace of mind knowing that all information received and sent out is confidential and always up to date. The control centre provides efficient management, guaranteed by years of experience.
Full Defensive Plan Structure