Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions offer a comprehensive range of surveillance products. All of the products that we offer are of the highest standards. Our products are proven to be reliable and highly effective, ensuring our clients receive the best possible end-result.

Audio Surveillance

Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions is proud to offer a vast range of audio surveillance technologies. All of the audio surveillance equipment that we stock is made to produce exceptional audio quality and have incredible audio range. We have our pulse on the surveillance security industry and continue to offer the most advanced devices to our clients. With that in mind, we are now proud to offer a variety of GSM listening devices. These devices are undoubtedly the best on the market today and will enable the user to monitor from anywhere in the globe providing there is adequate GSM coverage.

Covert Cameras

We now offer a new and innovative range of colour cameras. These cameras utilise a 3G network and because of this, they provide excellent images and ideal sound. These cameras are simple to use, all you have to do is dial into the covert camera unit (from anywhere in the world). Once this has been done you can watch and listen to the subject that is being monitored.

Night Vision

Night vision is highly advanced and acclaimed technology. This kind of technology was once only available in the military. These units have been designed to provide the user with clear night vision. The unit’s infra-red light source has the power to illuminate, thus allowing the user to view the subject through night vision. Many of our night vision products come fully equipped with infra-red lighting.

Recording Equipment

Blue Thistle Corporate Solutions provides an array of digital recording technology. Due to our years of experience, we are able to provide our clients with only the best digital recording devices in the industry. All of our recording equipment is suitable for any operational requirement. We are well and truly in the age of technological development, and as recording equipment flourishes and evolves, so too will Blue Thistle. The equipment that we offer will always be top of the range and highly advanced, guaranteeing that our clients will receive the most reliable and effective results.