Complete Surveillance, Counter Surveillance and Personal Protection Solutions

Counter Surveillance

We are all at risk of having our privacy jeopardised, whether in our business or personal lives. In the technological age of today, it is easier than ever to listen in on a conversation or private telephone call – we should know, we are experts!

We have the innovative and advanced equipment to prevent this kind of personal invasion. We provide a comprehensive range of equipment, all of which are highly sophisticated and will ‘sweep’ even the largest office for hidden devices.

We also offer standard equipment to assist in searching for bugs in smaller areas.

Personal Protection

In the corporate environment that we are experiencing today, corporate espionage has become prevalent. It is to this end that we provide services to ensure our clients critical information and staff remain protected from Competitors and other entities. Our services range from products to personnel protection.

Please see below a selection on the products we can offer. Please contact us for our full range.